Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Say it James (Nelly Furtado vs James Blunt)

Welcome to my new blogspace for me to easily show off any new mashups or mixes I create! Rather than having to put it on the main site with all my proper albums, for the odd random mashup I can just put them here which is much easier. To start off, here's one of my best mashups to date, if I do say so myself:

'Say It James' (Nelly Furtado vs James Blunt)

Here is Blunt's '1973' with Furtado's 'Say it Right' - both favourite tracks of mine, by two of my favourite artists of late. Let me know your thoughts.


Sarah said...

What a great mash up! Its so easy to listen to. I didn't realise that I had it on repeat and listen to it over and over without get bored of tired of it. It's so smooth, great stuff Tom! X

Tom 'Eamezey' Eames said...

Woo - massive thanks Sarah :)