Saturday, 14 June 2008

If Everyone Tranced (Nickelback vs Basshunter vs David Guetta)

Here is my next brand new mashup - I wanted to make a silly dance remix of 'If Everyone Cared' by Nickelback, but ended up turning it into a mashup, with two trancey dancey songs - Basshunter's 'Now You're Gone' and David Guetta's 'Love Don't Let Me Go.

'If Everyone Tranced' (Nickelback vs Basshunter vs David Guetta)

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DJ киucкlєs. said...

your 'nelly furtado vs. james blunt' was fuckin' brilliant, however unhappily i must say i think that you lost your talent with this one man. really sorry to say that considering the quality you've produced previously. well done for your effort though man!