Tuesday, 9 June 2009

NEW ALBUM: 'Wine Gums. Envy. Pieces of Rainbow.'

Hey everyone,

It's taken me ages (I actually finished this a few months ago) but finally here is my latest 'album' of mashups. Unlike 'Enzo' which was made especially as an album, this is more of a compilation of the mashups i've done over the last year and a bit, a few of which were posted on this site. Hope you enjoy it, let me know your thoughts. Prizes for anyone who knows who said the quote of the album title.


1. 'Say It James' (James Blunt vs Nelly Furtado)

2. 'If Everyone Tranced' (Nickelback vs Basshunter vs David Guetta)

3. 'Films and U' (Cassie vs Gary Numan)

4. 'Sensual Pjanoo' (Snoop Dogg vs Eric Prydz)

5. 'Lock and Break the Woman' (Kanye West vs Britney Spears vs Guru Josh Project vs Limp Bizkit)

6. 'Visions in the Club' (Usher vs Pendulum)

7. 'Relax, Don't Bleed It' (Leona Lewis vs Frankie Goes to Hollywood)

8. 'I Can Jump for Miles' (Madonna vs The Who)

9. 'Don't Stop the Night' (Rihanna vs P Diddy)

10. 'Krawl and Apologize' (Linkin Park vs Timbaland & One Republic)

11. 'Frontin' Madness' (Pharrell & Jay-Z vs Kool & The Gang)

12. 'Dreams in the Wood' (Eagles vs Jakatta/Thomas Newman)


Konrad Useo said...

Superb tracks,E.
I'm enjoying them very much.
Congrats on a fine album.

Elle said...

have had tracks 2 and 10 on repeat on my ipod off and on in the last few weeks and now I've fallen in love with track 5...thanks for putting out yet more amazing music =)


Anonymous said...

Well Done! I LOVE Russel brand and Noel Fielding :)