Sunday, 19 February 2012

'Somebody Sensual' (Gotye & Kimbra vs Snoop Dogg)

Exciting news .... mainly because if you're reading this you're one reader more than I thought I had.

Anyway, after a long hiatus from the proper mashup game, I've finally rediscovered my passion for it, and am announcing my first full 'album' in several years!

(tumble weed....)

If you're still here and reading, BLOODY HELL!

The new album, titled Era, will be fully released in a few weeks. But before then I'll release a couple of 'singles' from it in advance.

Starting with ... 'Somebody Sensual'. The excellent recent UK #1 'Somebody That I Used to Know' by Gotye & Kimbra VS an old guilty pleasure of mine, 'Sensual Seduction' by Snoop Dogg.

Let me know what you think / add me on Twitter etc.


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